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Understanding Your Quality Builders Warranty


Volego Properties collaborates exclusively with Quality Builders Warranty, the nation’s leading provider of 10-year home warranties. This partnership, backed by Liberty Mutual, reflects our dedication to integrity and quality in homebuilding.

My Coverage

Click the link below to view a digital diagram detailing what is covered by your 10-year Quality Builders Warranty.

Warranty Guide

For details on your warranty coverage and its terms, please click the link below.

Service Request Submission: Step-by-Step Video

Ready to submit a service request? View our tutorial video below for a step-by-step guide on using the SOS warranty submission page

Submit Service Request

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Building Confidence with Volego Properties

Volego Properties is proud to partner with Quality Builders Warranty, offering a dependable 10-year home warranty backed by Liberty Mutual, underscoring our commitment to building excellence.

Affordable Cost

Get complete and high-quality warranty coverage included in every build

What To Expect

Step #1

Send a complete report of the issue that needs fixing.

Step #2

We’ll look at your request and decide if it’s the builder’s job to fix them based on what’s written in the warranty agreement.

Step #3

Afterwards, we’ll explain what’s covered and call subcontractors for the job.

Step #4

We’ll closely monitor the progress of the repair until its completion.

Protecting Your Luxury Home for Years To Come

Volego Properties Group partners with Quality Builders Warranty to provide you with peace of mind and protection against any defects or issues that may arise with your new home.

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